Friday, October 23, 2009

Some photos from Antarctica!!!

This is a view of the Ferrar glacier on the way to Taylor Glacier.

We land at camp and unload all our gear from the Bell 212 Helicopter. Our camp is now officially in the field and goes by the call sign "Bravo Two Three Six - Blood Falls" over radios comms.

Working as a group to set up a Scott tent at camp. This tent serves as our bathroom.

A few of our personal tents in which we sleep.

Here's a few from Lake Bonney towards our main camp. The red polar haven is our kitchen/food tent where we cook and eat our meals. The blue polar haven serves as a heated storage tent for storing items which can't freeze (i.e. canned goods, cokes, etc...).

A close up of the main polar haven.

We all have our laptops out checking our emails. Most of us had dozens of unread messages to check due to the internet downtime this past week.
Melting glacial ice from Taylor for drinking water.

Amanda Achberger cutting stairs into the glacial apron leading up to our tunnel with the gas-powered chainsaw.
Amanda and Brent work on the very beginning of our tunnel into Taylor Glacier. At this point we have moved to using electric chainsaws. The gas powered chainsaws release too much exhaust to use safely in the tunnel.