Friday, October 9, 2009


Sorry for the delay on the update, it's been a long couple of days since flying down from New Zealand. Thursday afternoon, I gathered all of my issued ECW gear (parka, gloves, polar fleece, etc..) and the next morning at 6am we began our 5 hour flight to McMurdo.

Inside the C-17 shortly before take-off. I was actually one of the first boarding, so all those seats in the background actually filled up before we left.

Here is Amanda Achberger and myself on the Pegasus airfield just outside McMurdo shortly after we landed. Amanda is an undergraduate research assistant in our lab majoring in microbiology. The temperature was about -33°C (-27.4° F). It's still quite cold down here in Antarctica as the southern hemisphere's summer hasn't quite started yet.

The next couple of days in Antarctica will be spent in various briefings and trainings to help adjust us to life in McMurdo as well as prepare us for our field deployment in about 6-8 days. More pictures of McMurdo to come...