Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Nearing the end of the tunnel

Sorry for the late update. The repeater which allowed us to have internet at our field site was offline for a few days after a storm.

Lindsay Knippenberg hikes back up the glacial apron pulling the "ice removal" sled behind her. Notice the large pile of ice we have created in the construction of the tunnel. Last season we removed over 55 metric tons of ice during the tunnel excavation. We might be close to beating that record this season.

Lindsay and Tim inspect the "sampling room's" rear wall as it nears completion. The large dark band in the middle is a layer of sediment entrapped in the glacier. Currently, it is not fully understood how these layers form.
A look from the inside of the tunnel out.
Myself inside the tunnel.
Pretty cool photo of an A-Star which just dropped off some more supplies at camp via sling load (cargo net carried underneath the chopper).

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